People are the end and the means of any activity, and the impact of these activities on people, their rights, livelihoods and cultures measure of its success


Since 1997 Social Science Solutions is advising private and public clients in more than 70 countries to find mutual solutions on critical issues such as land access that requires involuntary physical and economic resettlement, stakeholder engagement in challenging environments incl. work with indigenous peoples, design of benefit sharing schemes, social/community investment etc..

We negotiate treaties, policies, strategies, agreements etc. with and for governments, multilateral financial institutions, public and private investors, enterprises, clivil socity etc. that enables our clients to obtain societal licences to operate. We have outstanding and proven track records in the establishment of Social and Environmental Impact Assessments to international standards such as those set up by the World Bank, IFC, EBRD, IDB, AfDB, ADB, EIB, EU etc. including the often challenging social safeguard reports on involuntary resettlement, indigenous peoples and stakeholder engagement.

Our work is based on sound social science, aims to find a balance between individual, corporate and societal endeavours and uses established as well as non-convential tools to open dialogs that enable mutual solutions. The world is our home.

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